Program In details:

7h30-7h55pm :Greetings and Insights on  Rosh Hashana

7h55-9h00pm: Part I:  Wine tasting , Each wine will
be                                          presented then tasted
Art : Reknowed artist
Esther Zibell (produced in Brooklyn Museum of Art)
Part of Sales proceed to Charity. Treat your loved one with a beautiful
painting,Lithography and more
               Booth : Honey arrangement :
                 a great way to say :"Shana Tova Umetuka"

Checks And Credit card accepted.
Amuse gueule, hot and cold.Enjoy !

9h00-9h45pm : Klezmer Concert with Juilliard Award winner doublebassist
Remy Yulzari and Klezmer Band

9h45-10h30pm: Judaica Art expo: Part II: Emerging artists from FIT
Part of Sales proceed to charity.

10h30pm: Final "Lechaim" for a Shana Tova Umetuka .

French wines.
Pick your wine for Rosh hashana.

Embrace Opportunities to give to your heart's contempt before Rosh Hashana
Wow ! What An event !!! Enjoy the pictures !!
Enjoying The Spirit

Enjoying the Music

Meet the artists

Charlelie in person

June Hersh talked

More than 80
wines to choose
Not an easy task !

Kosher wine society
was here to help us.

Enjoying the Art

FIT Students
presents their work
for the first time

    Esther Zibell

Enjoying Honey
Veygs Honey

Enjoying the Crowd

Top all this with
delicious food from