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Buy your Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's Candle online
All proceeds will go to tzedaka
$260         $360          $526            $770      $1080
To donate any other amount in honor of
'Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai  click here ------

this LAG BAOMER Sunday May 14th 2017

Registration standard             $260---------------

Sponsor Gold                          $520 ----------

GOLD Table                          $2600 -----------

Platinum Table                       $7200 -----------

Enter your dedication on the "comment" entry when you check out.
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This year in 236 W.23rd St ( Bet 7 & 8 ave)
      Sunday May 14th at 6pm
or call 2122021448
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Pour la video de
Lag Baomer 2013
Cliquez ICi
Some Pictures from Previous Years  !!!!
Sunday 14th of May 2017 at 7pm
Dimanche 14 MAi 2017 a 19h

236 W. 23rd ST New York NY ( Bet. 7&8 ave)


With the company of North America's French Deputy Mr.
Frederic Lefevbre
En la presence du Depute Francais de L'amerique du Nord , Mr.
Frederic Lefevbre.
You Are Cordially Invited to the